The town of Spring (fka Camp Spring) Texas began in 1840 with approximately 150 residents. When the railroad was constructed through town in the late 1800’s, Spring had a growth spurt expanding to approximately 1,200 residents by 1910.​ Around that time, a small wooden jail was constructed on the northern edge of town, complete with a “hanging tree” around back! Businesses, merchants and saloons flourished until the 1920’s and 30’s when the railroad relocated to Houston, prohibition came along, and the Depression reduced the once-thriving town to nothing more than a small settlement of about 300 residents by 1931. It was around that time when the small wooden jailhouse burned to the ground and was replaced by the concrete cinder block building that still stands today. The new building would house two cells and a large anteroom where both the jailer and the Justice of the Peace would conduct business. By the mid-1950’s, the Spring Jail was used mostly for minor crimes (misdemeanors) and as a transfer station to the Harris County Jail in downtown Houston. In 1977, Harris County Precinct 4 completed construction on the new courthouse and jail located on Cypresswood Drive, and abandoned the Old Town Spring facility at that time. Three decades later, in 2007, a wee little leprechaun with a big heart and even bigger dreams saw the rundown old building and imagined a great place for all his friends to get together for a good time! He envisioned old friends and new, coming together to enjoy cold drinks, good conversation, rockin’ music and a lively party atmosphere! And that’s exactly what he got at the Jailhouse Saloon!